Joe Biden says he’s self-conscious as president


Joe Biden said that he has felt self-conscious in the role of president, in a town hall hosted by CNN in Ohio.

“The first time I walked down the stairs and they played Hail to the Chief I said, ‘Where is he?'” he told a vaccinated crowd on Wednesday.

“You feel a little self-conscious, but I am not self-conscious about the power that comes with the office.”

He also used the occasion to urge Americans to get vaccinated, after concern over a spike in Covid cases.

He insisted that the economy would flourish and that the Covid pandemic was over for vaccinated Americans.

“There’s legitimate questions people can ask if they worry about getting vaccinated, but the question should be asked, answered and people should get vaccinated,” Biden said. “But this is not a pandemic.”

He said that prolific misinformation and conspiracy theories was making it hard to get things done and slowing down vaccinations.

At one point he directly referenced a Qanon conspiracy, expressing dismay that some members of the public believed that “Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children.”

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