Latitude festival: Magical, emotional… and a little bit frightening

Music Tech

“We’ve had so many dreams about this,” says Dream Wife’s guitarist Alice Go, as the band prepare to play their first show since January 2020.

“Dreams and nightmares,” corrects her bandmate Bella Podpadec.

“I had a dream that we couldn’t find any food until just before the show – and when we did, we were so hungry we gorged ourselves,” she continues.

“Then we couldn’t play because we were too full… And actually, I’m quite full now. I’m worried about digestion time.”

“The nightmare is coming true,” laughs singer Rakel .

On stage an hour later, there are no signs of gastric problems as the punk trio head-bang and high-kick their way through a set so raucous it might register on the Richter scale.

“Rock and roll is an extreme sport, kids,” Mjöll informs the sweat-drenched crowd. “And that was the best work-out ever.”

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