Trudeau to discuss foreign policy with G7 leaders at second day of summit meeting


Foreign policy is on the agenda for a meeting between international leaders gathered on a beachside village in England to strategize on how best to tackle some of their most pressing challenges, including China.

Leaders at the G7 summit, hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, are set to discuss international affairs when they meet Saturday for a closed-door session.

How to deal with China and its more aggressive stance is one of the challenges faced by these countries, including Canada, which has strong economic ties to the state.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced a call from the Opposition Conservatives ahead of the summit for him to press his democratic peers to take a collective stand against China and push for the relocation of the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

United State President Joe Biden is set to make such a move by asking the G7 leaders to call out China for its use of forced labour practices against ethnic minorities, including Uighur Muslims.

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